When Ramses Wissa Wassef died in 1974, his widow Sophie, who is an artist and teacher herself and had an active role in the experiment since 1951, continued to run the school, assisted by her daughters Suzanne and Yoanna. In the years before her father's death Suzanne had recruited a new group of children and young people from the village. Suzanne described her aspirations as follows:

"I wove from the age of eight to sixteen and discovered that the technique had many possibilities. The more I wove, the more I discovered how freely one can express oneself on the loom. It was my aim since then to initiate in the weavers this sense of free expression and unfolding magic."

Working separately from their elders these "Second Generation" weavers, eventually numbering forty in all, soon developed into skilled and creative artists with their own personal styles.

At the same time the work of the surviving first generation weavers has continued to develop and mature. Alongside these Yoanna introduced another set of young weavers to the very different techniques of cotton weaving on a smaller horizontally positioned loom which Ramses' had attempted with only limited success in 1962. She noted:

"When I went to work at Harrania after my father's death, I decided to revive the cotton weaving with a group of 15 children who had no parental links with the previous ones. They were happy to take part in the centre and accepted more readily the difficulties of the technique. They even felt a certain pride as they were no longer considered an appendage to the wool weavers, but rather a new group with its own identity."

Yoanna Wissa Wassef has commented on the values that continue to support the unique experiment that is the Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre:

"that Harrania has survived the death of its founder is proof of the inherent strength and validity of its original inspiration. It was built on the universal bedrock of humanity, love, mutual trust between teacher and pupil, adult and child, patience, and a cardinal belief in the creativity latent in every child."

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